DIY roof replacement vs. professional roofing replacement  

DIY roof replacement vs. professional roofing replacement  

Colorado summer weather has  brought heavy thunderstorms that pummeled roofs with large hailstones, pounding rain, and raging winds. Have you inspected your roof lately? It’s likely you will notice missing shingles, warped and cracked shingles, or abnormal looking areas of your roof. What about ceilings? Have you checked for discolorations that may indicate leaks? Depending on your ceiling’s color, it could be difficult to spot smaller or hidden signs of leaks.

Neglecting to repair roof leaks caused by degraded or missing shingles has expensive consequences. Mold growth, wood rot, and reduced structural integrity eventually occurs unless the roof is replaced. Persistently high moisture levels in buildings suffering leaky roofs also encourages insect infestations and health problems for people with chronic respiratory conditions. In fact, any roofer in Colorado Springs you call to ask about roof replacement will tell you one of the most important investments you can make on a home is the roof.

Why DIY Roof Replacement Can End in Disaster

If you think you can tackle a DIY roof replacement project because you’ve watched YouTube videos of DIYers making it look easy to replace or repair a roof, you might want to stop and consider the following:

Falling Off a Roof Can Break Your Leg

Unless you are a professional roofer who knows how quickly a misstep can lead to a fall, you really don’t want to spend hours dozens of feet off the ground. Watching contractors practically jog around on top of a building while replacing a roof shouldn’t convince you that replacing a roof is something anyone can do. It’s not.

Roof Replacement is Tedious and Time-Consuming

Do you work full-time and think you’ll replace the roof yourself by spending a few hours on the weekends plugging away it? While this premise sounds doable, it’s really about as impractical as thinking you don’t really need to replace your roof until spring, after the impending five months of subzero temperatures, tons of sleet and blinding blizzards in Colorado.

Further erosion of shingles not only enlarges leaks but can also cause ice damming. Melting snow dripping down your roof may refreeze in gutters when temperatures fall below 32 degrees. Ice dams result from repeated freeze-melt cycles that force melted snow to pool and create frozen ponding. Above freezing temperatures melt the ponds, which leak into attics, walls and other areas of your home already compromised by damaged shingles.

If you get halfway through your DIY roof replacement, decide to wait until spring to finish it because you are tired of working on it, you could be paying for a lot more than a simple roof replacement.

Roof Problems are More Serious Than You Thought

Inspecting your roof from the ground is good but won’t tell you exactly what is  going on up there. Thinking you can quickly replace a few shingles but then finding out you’ve got dozens of warped shingles, heavily damaged underlayment and totaled flashings can be disheartening. Before getting excited about a new side career as a DIY roof replacer, call a professional roofer in Colorado Springs to schedule an inspection of your roof.

You Can’t Give Your DIY Roof Replacement Project a Warranty

What the YouTube videos of happy-go-lucky DIY roof replacers don’t show is problems affecting a new roof within a month or two of finishing the project. You can bet these DIYers weren’t so thrilled when they had to drag out the ladders and tools and climb back onto the roof to do a re-repair.

Hiring an experienced, licensed roofer in Colorado Springs means you never have to set foot on your roof again. Nor will you need to pay for repairing roof damage under warranty. We take care of all that and much more!

What’s In Your Toolbox?

  • If you don’t have a:
  • Roofing hammer
  • Pry bars
  • Roofing shovel
  • Caulking gun
  • Framing square
  • Chalk line
  • Hammer tacker
  • Saw
  • Power nailer
  • And, of course, shingles…

…then you can’t replace a roof.

When you add up the cost of buying roofing equipment and tools, possible time taken away from regular employment, and lack of warranty covering future roof damage, you’ll spend three times more on a DIY roof replacement job than you would hiring a roofer in Colorado Springs.

Insurance Companies Tend to Ghost You

Many home insurance agencies that learn a homeowner, who has never even replaced a shingle in their life, just replaced their entire roof could pull the insurance policy covering the home really fast. Compromising a building’s structural integrity by having nonprofessional or unlicensed contractors make conspicuous changes to it does not bode well with home insurance companies who are in the business of making money, not spending it.

Professional Roofers Have an “Eye” for Detecting Roof Problems Before They Happen

While replacing shingles, your roofer will also do a routine inspection of all components associated with the roof. Signs of animal and tree damage, blistering and shrinking of the roof membrane and damage to skylights or chimneys can all raise the cost of maintaining roof health. The cost of preventative maintenance by licensed roofers in Colorado Springs is negligible compared to the cost of fixing interior water damage due to a leaky roof. Depending on how long a roof leak is allowed to worsen, homes could suffer enough structural damage to leave them unrepairable.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection Today

When you  need a reputable roofer in  Colorado Springs residents always call us to do inspections, roof replacement, roof/shingle repair and give estimates for various roofing jobs. For over a decade, we have provided a comprehensive range of roofing services to people living in Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Falcon, Security, greater El Paso and Fountain cities. If you live in Douglas or Teller counties and your roof’s condition has been keeping you up at night, start getting a good night’s sleep by contacting us today. We also work with all insurance companies to make your roof replacement project simple and affordable.


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